Our Mission

Brillembourg Group’s mission is to disrupt the TravelTech category by harnessing powerful, nascent innovations. To accomplish this we fully embrace the tectonic shifts taking place and accelerating throughout this decade:

  1. Demographic Growth in Millennials and Generation Z
  2. The New Crypto and Digital Natives
  3. Blockchain Technology
  4. Experiential Travel Growth
  5. Digital Entertainment

We aim to create a community of companies that are focused on the 2.5 billion millennials (15- to 35-year-olds) worldwide, and Generation Z, which boasts $200 billion in purchasing power in the U.S. alone.

We operate as a tech incubation accelerator—partnering, seeding, and growing an integrated ecosystem of companies and partners that support our communities and extensions. We focus on four partner groups:

  1. Global Consumer Brands: Aiming to leverage strategic global brand partnerships to create influencer marketing that reflect our community’s values.
  2. Operating Partners: Brokering and implementing partnerships for community operations, management and programming.
  3. Tech Developer Partners: Procuring local capabilities for global deployment.
  4. Financial Partners: Raising the matching capital to accelerate growth of Brillembourg Group, the umbrella that serves as the parent company of LoopLand and STEP.travel.

Our five core community drivers:

  1. Stay: Amazing design, affordable, environmentally aware.
  2. Experience: Experiences underpinned by mindfulness; community; organic food; music and festivals; live events and activities; action sports and e-sports.
  3. Live: Easy, attainable, flex, co-living spaces.
  4. Create: It’s up to the individual.
  5. Give: Ultimately, service and sustainability are the core values that drive our design and programming.


Our Mission | Brillembourg reimagines hospitality for Digital Natives with STEP technology and The Loop Hotels