Brillembourg reimagines hospitality for Digital Natives with STEP technology, the LOOP Hotels, and LoopLand smart cities.

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Action Sports
Sustainability and Sharing
Crypto Blockchain Tokens
Hospitality and Loyalty
Smart Cities
Digital Natives
Digital Natives are at the center of Action Sports, Gaming, eSports, Immersive Events & Conferences, Festivals, Smart Cities, Hospitality & Loyalty, Crypto Blockchain Tokens, and Sustainability & Sharing : Brillembourg, Changing the Atmosphere of Hospitality


The STEP (Simple Travel Ecosystem Protocol) provides an efficient, cost effective, superior solution for travelers and hotel owners, empowered by blockchain technology, crypto economic theory and deep knowledge of the hotel business.

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Envision a millennial and digital native destination in a soon-to-be announced paradise location with a world class active lifestyle hotel, vacation club, residencies, and mixed-use public spaces for co-living, co-working, co-playing, and (of course) retail.

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The LOOP is a fresh hotel concept inspired by action sports, eSports & immersive spaces — delivering truly vibrant & innovative experiences to everyone who steps, plays or connects through our space.

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Our Mission

The mission and vision of David Brillembourg.

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About Brillembourg Group

Brillembourg Group taps into three tectonic shifts taking place and accelerating over the next decade: the behavioral change of digital natives; the blockchain disrupting networks via crypto economics; and the onset of experiential travel and digital entertainment. The world of travel is changing and Brillembourg Group is behind it. Two billion millennials will make this change “real” — by affecting travel across the board.

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