Brillembourg Group’s mission is to disrupt the Emerging Digital Native Hospitality sector by harnessing powerful, nascent innovations and destinations. To accomplish this we fully embrace the tectonic shifts taking place and accelerating throughout this decade:

  • Demographic Growth in Millennials and Generation Z
  • New Distributed Technologies
  • Experiential Travel Growth
  • Digital Entertainment

We aim to create hospitality focused communities that are focused on the 2.5 billion millennials (15- to 35-year-olds) worldwide, and Generation Z, which boasts $200 billion in purchasing power in the U.S. alone.

We operate as a hospitality and real estate incubator accelerator—partnering, seeding, and growing an integrated ecosystem of companies and partners that support our communities.

Our five core community drivers:

  • Stay: Amazing design, affordable, environmentally aware hospitality.
  • Experience: Experiences underpinned by mindfulness; community; organic food; music and festivals; live events and activities; action sports and e-sports.
  • Live: Easy, attainable, flex, co-living spaces.
  • Create: It’s up to the individual.
  • Give: Ultimately, local service and sustainability are the core values that drive our design and programming.


Brillembourg Group taps into three tectonic shifts taking place and accelerating over the next decade: the behavioral change of digital natives; disrupting travel technologies; and the onset of experiential travel and digital entertainment. The world of travel is changing and Brillembourg Group is behind it. 2 billion millennials will make this change “real” — by affecting travel across the board.

CEO & Founder David Brillembourg is a seasoned entrepreneur and VC with over 20 years experience in hospitality and tech startups.

David Brillembourg, our Founder.

 David Brillembourg is a seasoned entrepreneur with more than 20 years experience specializing in developing companies that take advantage of market opportunities in emerging technology, demographic and economic macro trends. Since 1999 he has been Founder, Chairman and CEO of Brillembourg Group. After spending a decade in tech startups and another decade with various hotel investments, he saw that with his four children becoming full fledge millennials, consumption patterns of the millennial generation were going to fundamentally change the hospitality and technology industry.

Brillembourg, a holding company focused on the hospitality and technology fields.


From 2006 to 2019, BRILLEMBOURG has acquired, invested and exited hotel properties across six nations (With a total value in excess of half a Billion Dollars), including The Raleigh Hotel in South Beach, sold to SBE (Accor); the Isle de France Hotel in Saint Barths, sold to LVMH; Cap Juluca Hotel in Anguilla sold to Belmond Hotels (LMVH), and One Bal Harbour Hotel, which was sold to individual investors, among others. The existing hotel portfolio includes the Viceroy Hotel Zihuatanejo, Mexico.

Currently, BRILLEMBOURG is launching a new ventured-backed travel destination focusing on the needs of millennials for fully experiential travel and an integrated tech experience, that includes actions sports, e-sports and immersive experiences.

From 2001 to 2005, BRILLEMBOURG was a top investor in Emida Technologies, where David Brillembourg was founder and CEO. Emida is a Fintech processor of electronic mobile prepaid topup in Latin America and the Caribbean with operations in 30 countries. In 2007, Emida merged with Debisys to form one of the largest country-footprint prepaid network in the Americas. He has been a member of the Board and shareholder of Emida from 2005 to the present. Currently, taking full advantage of his tech startup background and hotel investing experience, he spent the past few years researching the creation of an upcoming holistic system to assist hotel owners with growth through innovative distribution models.

In 1995 to 2001, BRILLEMBOURG, financed David Brillembourg’s first company, CycleLogic, Inc., where he was founder and CEO. CycleLogic was the largest provider of mobile Internet outsourcing services for operators throughout Latin America. CycleLogic was acquired in September ‘99 by StarMedia Networks (a NYSE company), the largest Internet media company in the Latin American market at the time. He co-managed Starmedia Mobile until it was sold to Bellsouth in 2001. BRILLEMBOURG now advises multiple hospitality tech oriented companies.

David Brillembourg is, is a Director of the SaludArte Foundation. He graduated Summa Cum Laude from Babson College in Wellesley, MA.


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